Since 1950, Premier Engineers has been engaged in the production of latest Rubber processing Machinery to serve the Indian & International Rubber Industry. As the company's history over 50 years tells, the brand and ready acceptance of our machinery by our customers has already been made possible through incessant research by our technical staff. Today, "PREMIER" is the largest manufacturer of Rubber Processing Machinery in the country.

We are well geared to meet the requirements of the industry. By working closely with customers, we have been successful in building machines to their satisfaction, carving a niche for ourselves in Indian & Export market world wide (including Australia, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Singapore, Egypt, Mauritius, Kenya, Nigeria, Tunisia, Dubai, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka , Nepal, Etc.) These machines are now working at all the major Tire, Tube, Tread Rubber, Footwear, Reclaim Rubber, Molded / Automobile components, V-belts/ Conveyor Belts, Rice Roller /Rice Polishers, Hose Pipes, Canvas Shoes / Water proofing, Micro sheets, Rubber Chappal, Silicon Rubber, Rubber and Plastic blends, Motor parts, Sports Goods Industries . Excellence is the minimum standard we demand from our people and from our products. This is attitude that has enabled the company to grow to its present Stature since its inception in 1950

Our Products Range
Rubber Cracker Mill Rubber Grinder Mills Rubber Pre-Refiner Mills Rubber Refiner Mill
Rubber Breaker Mills De Beader Tire Sidewall Steel Remover Strainer/Extruder
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